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The latest in training technology

This new form of training with an interactive DVD is simply the best. Most of us learn through instruction and then by doing. The training DVD seamlessly combines both, enabling the learner to listen, watch and then do with the same images as John Paul, Lee and Vincent, all at your own pace!

You can play the lesson on your computer's DVD player or on a DVD player connected to your TV. If you use the TV, you may be able to follow along with each lesson on your computer. If you use your computer’s DVD player, you can easily pause and switch to Photoshop. You can also download the included lower resolution Quicktime video to your PC and run the lesson from there. Lots of flexibility to suit your learning style and home equipment!

Each lesson includes points of views of the Photoshop screen as well as John Paul, Lee and Vincent. Displayed in realtime, with the ability to switch from one point of view to another seamlessly, it realistically simulates a private tutoring session.

Hot News!

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